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Ask a Farmer: Getting Ready for Winter

Cow with snow around its nose at East Hill Farm

On a farm, the onset of a seasonal change always seems to come right as you think you’re caught up with the projects from the prior season. As many of us know and have experienced, the list of projects on the farm is never ending and must be prioritized. The hardest transition, in my opinion,…

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Ask a Farmer: Callie Goes on Maternity Leave

Callie, our wonderful dairy cow, is due to have a calf this August! She is always reliable and friendly, patiently allowing many guests to learn how to milk a cow over the years. Our farmers have been working diligently to dry up her milk supply. A dairy cow needs to take off the last few…

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Ask A Farmer: A Bunny for Easter?

Are you thinking about buying a cute little bunny for your child this Easter? Here are a few very important things you should consider first! The fuzzy little bunny you buy for Easter won’t stay small forever. It will soon grow into a full size rabbit. It is important to make sure your family won’t…

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Ask a Farmer: Keeping a Family Milking Cow

The following question was recently posed to Farmer Sara, our barn manager at East Hill Farm: “I have room on my property to keep one family milking cow. What do I need to know before jumping into this venture?” There are a number of issues one needs to consider and research prior to beginning such…

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