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You CAN Get There From Here!

Introducing our revised EHF Trail Map!

Should we go left or right? Didn’t we pass that tree already? What does that sign mean? We’ve all had these kinds of experiences, and inevitably someone pulls out a map to consult. So what happens when that map doesn’t hold all of the answers? Well, now the EHF Trail Map does!East Hill Farm Trail MapThanks to longtime guest Joanne Choly, skiers and hikers who use the trails on the Inn at East Hill Farm’s property will no longer have that issue. Over the past year Joanne has used her forestry and map making skills to update our trail map and make it clearer and more user-friendly. Whether you cross-country ski or snowshoe in the winter months or prefer hiking in the warmer months, we encourage all of our guests to give our trails a try. Pick up our new trail map in the office when you do!

We also have a detailed map for the Green Trail. Although the easiest of our trials for terrain, the Green Trail is notorious for being difficult to navigate due to its twisty and overlapping nature. We think this new detailed map will help everyone easily access this terrific beginner trail.

East Hill Farm Green Trail Map


We would like to give a special Thank You to Joanne for all of her work on this project!








  1. Terri Gullette on December 21, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    Way to go Joanne on such a wonderful project!!
    Can’t wait for the family to try it out!

  2. Karen on December 22, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    Woohoo sister!!!! Great job. Can’t wait to go back and hike.

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