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Why do You Love East Hill Farm?

70 Reasons to Love EHF

As 2016 begins to wind down and we prepare for our annual New Year’s Eve celebration, the Inn at East Hill Farm is preparing for 2017 in another way as well. This year will mark the Inn’s 70th anniversary! So what are some of the reasons our guests keep coming back, year after year? Here’s a list of 70 reasons to love EHF:

  1. Skiing on the cross-country ski trails
  2. Having hands-on barn experiences
  3. Playing tennis with a view of the animal pastures
  4. Taking trail rides throughout the 150 acre property
  5. Having that home away from home feeling
  6. Collecting eggs in the morning and then eating those same eggs for breakfast
  7. Playing dodgeball in a friendly atmospheredogde ball at east hill farm
  8. Eating hearty meals that taste like grandma made them
  9. Relaxing on the lawn with a good book
  10. Joining the Top of the Mountain Club by reaching the summit of Mount Monadnock
  11. Roasting marshmallows by the campfire while telling jokes or listening to stories
  12. Feeding the animals and watching them run over in excitement
  13. Fishing on Perkins Pond
  14. Tasting a refreshing cocktail at the cocktail party
  15. Constructing a masterpiece during arts & crafts
  16. Milking the cow and goat
  17. Experiencing a vacation that everyone in the family can agree is fun
  18. Baking bread to take home and enjoy
  19. Making new friends that become a second family
  20. Snow shoeing through the peaceful, winter forestsnowshoing at east hill farm
  21. Swimming in or laying by the pools
  22. Enjoying a quiet moment by the fire
  23. Dancing with family and new friends at the contra dance
  24. Knowing every diet can be accommodated
  25. Completing a full loop around Silver Lake on water skis
  26. Visiting with new arrivals in the barn
  27. Breathing in fresh air
  28. Sleeping in a clean room with a rustic feel
  29. Boating around the pond to explore the different creatures that live in or around it
  30. Shaking jars of milk and then opening them to find butter
  31. Crossing the finish line of the triathlon to earn another medal
  32. Appreciating the view of Mount MonadnockMt Monadnock from east hill farm
  33. Participating in a friendly competition at staff vs. guest volleyball
  34. Relishing the idea of not having to worry about cooking, cleaning, or planning activities throughout the stay
  35. Knowing children are safe even if they explore the farm on their own
  36. Watching the magic show in amazement
  37. Picking blueberries on the top of Gap Mountain
  38. Mastering ping-pong in a tournament or in a match with friends
  39. Unwinding in the sauna
  40. Shouting “BINGO!” on the first night and choosing a prize
  41. Watching each act during the EHF annual talent show
  42. Biting into a freshly baked cookie or donut
  43. Stepping away from the stress and rush of normal life and back into an authentic farm environmenthelping in the barn at east hill farm
  44. Patting the bunnies
  45. Fostering a relationship with the employees that feels like a longtime friendship
  46. Taking a tour of the property by wagon or sleigh
  47. Dipping candles in the dining room
  48. Having faces painted with butterflies, soccer balls, dragons, and dinosaurs
  49. Learning how to make mozzarella and ricotta cheese
  50. Answering a trivia question correctly and feeling like a genius
  51. Listening to stories in the Grandmother’s Attic living room
  52. Knitting a new scarf with wool from the sheep
  53. Pressing and tasting fresh apple cider
  54. Celebrating holidays without the stress of cooking and cleaning
  55. Sipping a morning coffee or tea from an EHF prize mug
  56. Cheering on the riding staff during a drill team demonstration
  57. Disconnecting from laptops and cell phones
  58. Tie-dying pillow cases every color of the rainbow
  59. Crafting a 3D needle felting creation
  60. Pushing a shuffleboard disk into the ten slot during a tournament
  61. Teaching younger ones how to skate in the skating rink
  62. Marking each vacation with a handprint on the rec room wall
  63. Searching for the golden egg during the annual Easter egg hunt
  64. Letting loose during a karaoke performance
  65. Getting cozy in a warm, EHF sweatshirt
  66. Learning how to ride a horse during a lessonriding lesson at east hill farm
  67. Laughing from the top of the sledding hill all the way to the bottom
  68. Building a castle in the sand box
  69. Knowing next year’s vacation is already planned and booked
  70. Creating memories that will last a lifetime

Interested in helping us celebrate? Book your reservation for the anniversary weekend February 10th-12th now! Check out more information here: EHF 70th Anniversary Weekend  We invite all guests, new and old, to share in our history and celebratory events. See you on the Farm!




  1. mary muir on December 13, 2016 at 7:11 am

    and.. you are my adopted family!

  2. Marilyn F. on December 13, 2016 at 8:48 am

    What an absolutely wonderful list to read – a great way to learn about your farm without being there. It seems like such a terrific place to visit, summer or winter. Happy 70th Anniversary and may you have many more . . .

  3. Nat Duranceau on December 13, 2016 at 4:17 pm

    There are nowhere near enough words to sum up why I love this place! It has simply stolen my heart and I have made so many treasured memories here. I cannot wait to come back, hopefully this summer sometime. I am so happy to hear that it’s the 70th anniversary of the Inn and I’m so happy that it’s been part of my life.

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