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Top of the Mountain Club

Tuesday morning Mt. Monadnock guided hikes are underway at East Hill Farm! Standing 3,165 feet above sea level, it is the most climbed mountain in North America and the third most-climbed mountain in the world. East Hill Farm is perfectly situated at the foot of Mt. Monadnock in Troy, NH.

view from east hill farm

Mt. Monadnock from The Inn at East Hill Farm

So what makes it such a popular climb? Could it be the view all the way to Boston on a clear day? The ability to climb without having first done three months of training? Or maybe the wildlife you see along the way? No matter what the reason, “The Mountain that Stands Alone” has a vast history. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for our fellow hikers!

Hikers from East Hill Farm

Top of the Mountain Club 6/24/15

How Many Trails are on Monadnock?

There are 34 official trails on the mountain, according to the Monadnock State Park website. East Hill Farm hikes the Old Toll House Trail, which connects with the White Arrow Trail. Along the way, we pass “The Hermitage”,

What Was the Halfway House?

The Halfway House was a three-story hotel located on the west side of the mountain. Many of the existing trails are located on the Southwest side as a result of this establishment. Many of the trails were also theme-park-like, such as “Thoreau’s Seat”, to make for a more fun experience for the hotel’s guests.

Did Thoreau Create “Thoreau’s Seat”?

Thoreau did not create “Thoreau’s Seat”. However, he and Ralph Waldo Emerson have both hiked the mountain and written about it fondly throughout their works. Thoreau’s Seat can be found on the Cliffwalk Trail.

What is up with the Fires on the Mountain?

The first major fire was set in 1800. It was set by settlers that hoped to use the lower slopes for pasture, but the fire eventually reached the summit. Between 1810 and 1820, local farmers believed wolves were denning in the fallen trees, so they set fire to the mountain again. They set fire to the peak first, hoping to herd the wolves down where they could readily shoot them. This second fire raged for weeks.
We hope you join one of our guided hikes this summer and earn your Top of the Mountain Club pin!


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What are your favorite memories of Mt. Monadnock?

Blog post submitted by Nora Bisaccio


  1. SANDY MCCAFFREY on July 30, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Favorite memories of Mt Monadnock –
    1. Seeing a moose on the Marlboro trail
    2. After a long climb of seeing very few people you reach the top and a crowd is there.
    3. Seeing the Boston skyline and the 360 degree view of “the world”.

  2. Jennifer on August 3, 2015 at 5:53 pm

    Thanks for the memories!

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