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Top 6 Reasons to spend your spring at East Hill Farm

Spring is in the air as the winter months wither away and snowy walkways become replaced with fresh breezes, warmer days, and nature’s regrowth. Each season welcomes different experiences in the farming world, and East Hill Farm is no different. Here are our top six reasons to spend your spring vacation weeks and weekends at East Hill Farm:



tep back in time!
Theme weekends like Step Back in Time Weekend, Cooking with Kids Weekend, and Connect with Nature Weekend offer numerous different ways to experience the farm and expand upon each child’s interests.





ony rides, lessons, and trail rides—Oh my! Horseback riding will return and our horses and riding staff are eager to help guests improve their skills and experience the farm from a different vantage point.




ambling through the woods!
Whether a stroll on property or a longer hike up Gap Mountain, springtime hikes can welcome fresh air, budding forests, flowing streams and waterfalls, and maple sugaring sightings.




ce out! As the pond begins to melt, guests are able to go paddle boating, row boating, and fishing once more. Tadpoles and tiny tree frogs can also be observed near the pond’s edges.





ewborns in the barn!
Young lambs and kids can be seen bouncing around sheep shed; baby chicks can be heard cheeping from chickville; and Polly pig is expecting a new litter of piglets at hog haven.




rown Up Farm Camp!
Experience all of the fun of going to camp as an adult and with a downhome, country twist!



Why do you visit during the spring?





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