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Preschool Field Trip on the Farm

Are you looking for a unique and educational field trip for your preschool or kindergarten class? Throughout the fall and spring seasons, East Hill Farm hosts preschool and kindergarten field trips where students learn about our farm animals, help the farmers, and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Feeding the animals on a Preschool Field Trip
The day starts in the barn, where the kids meet the farmers and learn about all of our animals. The farmers take them on a barn tour, introducing them to our cows, goats, pigs, chickens, donkeys, and sheep. Many of the preschoolers especially love the pigs—maybe because they are often larger than they are! They can learn about milk production while milking Callie (cow) or Twilight (goat) and, in the spring, they meet many of our new kids and lambs.
In the fall, the kids go on a tractor-drawn wagon ride to the pumpkin pile, where they can each choose a pumpkin to take home. In the spring, each student will have a pony ride around the corral. . The students then love to explore the property while feeding the animals or helping the farmers collect chicken eggs.

Pony Rides at Preschool Field TripThis special day finishes with a pizza party while the kids discuss what their favorite activities were. Many of the preschoolers choose the pony rides to which Adam and Tucker agree!

Here are some of the student’s memories from past field trips.

Preschool Field Trip Thank You

Preschool Field Trip Thank you

Preschool Field Trip Thank YouWhat is your favorite school field trip memory?


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    Brilliant and amazing work ,well done

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      Thank you!

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