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Oh My Darlin’ Clementine!

On Wednesday, July 29, Cathy’s Callie June gave birth to Callie’s Sweet Clementine! She was born at 10:30 in the morning with no complications. Farmer Perri chose her name from a list compiled by guests and barn staff. She said it was an easy choice given that her name had to start with a “C” like the rest of our Jersey Cows and because she was orange-brown in color when she was first born. In the office, we have been singing “Oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’ Clementine…” so the name seems very fitting for our fun farm environment.

Clementine calf

Two day old Clementine

Shortly after her birth, she was separated from Callie and many of our guests have wondered why. On dairy farms and with cows like Callie that are regularly used for milking, the farmers separate the calf from the mother early on to insure that milk production amounts are maintained. Cows tend to produce the same amount of milk that is milked from them each day, so it is important to keep Callie’s production up. Clementine is still drinking Callie’s milk, initially through a bottle, and now with bucket feedings. She is also very socialized and has made a new best friend–Molly, a Kerry Cow who was born in April. The two have loved spending time together in the barn and corral!

Callie and Clementine

Callie and Sweet Clementine

Recently, Clementine received some new bling! She got her official ear tags and was registered with The American Jersey Cattle Association. She is a very sweet, docile, and calm calf, similar to her grandmother Cathy and we are happy to have her join us!

Clementine Calf at East Hill Farm

Clementine’s got some bling!

Make sure to look for her on your next visit. She is number 105!

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