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Loveable Lambs and Cuddly Kids!

It has been a busy lambing/kidding season at the East Hill Farm barnyard!

Lamb and Ewe at East Hill FarmThe farmers have been on high alert day and night throughout this cold winter in order to move the expectant moms into the barn before the babies come. After each lamb or kid is born, they spend anywhere from a few days up to a week in the cow barn which is heated and toasty for the new arrivals. When the farmers determine it is safe for them to be out doors, they move to Sheep Shed where they have access to fresh air and sunshine as well as enclosed areas to get out of the wind. It sure is entertaining to watch them frolicking in the snow!

Lamb at East Hill FarmAs of today, we have 25 lambs and 7 kids! Twilight and Luna both delivered their kids within a few days of each other. It was very exciting! Twilight had twin males who are being bottle fed so we (and you) can hand milk Twilight. Luna had twin females who are still with her. To keep up her milk production levels, the farmers are hand milking Luna after the kids have their fill.

Kid goat at East Hill FarmAlong with the twin kids, we are also bottle feeding a lamb and a piglet. Gwen, the piglet, has become very popular with our guests as they have been able to help with her feedings. She is friendly and when supervised, she likes to hang out with the kids and lamb.

Bottle feeding lambs and kids at East Hill FarmThe farmers continue to be on “baby watch” around the clock as there are four sheep and five goats who are still expecting.

Kid goat at East Hill FarmAll of the animals and farmers are enjoying the milder temperatures. Hello mud season!

Were you lucky enough to witness a birth at EHF this winter?

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