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Live Free and Hike!

Hiking is good for the soul. It provides fresh air, a connection with the outdoors, and a fun, low impact way to exercise. Throughout most of the year we offer guided hikes up Gap Mountain. This is a great hike for the average hiker, with several switchbacks on the trail and moderate rigor. During the summer months, we offer a weekly guided hike up Mt. Monadnock. Whether a new hiker or someone who has younger children, an adventurer looking for something more difficult, or someone who likes to walk through the woods on a steadier surface, southern New Hampshire offers several options to get outdoors.

Want to stay close to East Hill Farm’s property?

On Property Hiking Trails: We have several trails on property that offer different mileage, scenery, and forest types. Since many of them overlap, you can even start on one trail and merge onto a different trail. Grab a trail map from the office and start exploring our back yard!

Looking for a view?

Mount Monadnock: With trail heads located as close as 1 mile from the property, Mount Monadnock has trails that offer different levels of rigor and exploration. Deer, birds, and other forest critters can often be seen during the early hours. What’s more is the bald top allows for 360 degree views that stretch as far as Boston on a clear day. Ask your waitstaff person for a boxed lunch and make it a full day of exploring the mountain.

Like to play hide and seek when you hike?

Gap Mountain: As stated above, Gap Mountain is moderately rigorous and has two peaks, which means twice the fun and sense of accomplishment! For the adventurer who likes to go off trail, you may explore and find the rock chairs overlooking a beautiful view of the area.

Do you love native flora?

Little Monadnock Mountain: Located about 6 miles from the property, Little Monadnock Mountain offers a moderately rigorous hiking trail. Even better, the base of the mountain is located in Rhododendron State Park, where beautiful rhododendrons can be seen from all angles during July.

Like to hike with your dog?

Pack Monadnock Mountain: Located about 20 miles from the property, Pack Monadnock offers an easy to moderate hiking trail that has several lookouts and a fire tower on top for better views. It is also a pet friendly park, meaning Fido can come too!


What is your favorite local hike?


  1. Jan Merritt on June 18, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    Simply great . Makes me happy to have had time there growing up and visits as often as possible! My first trip up Monadnock was when I was five-in 1935! Happy Summer!

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