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Harvest Fest Weekend 2017

We had another fun Harvest Fest Weekend October 13th to 15th. We started with some East Hill Farm classics, including: decorating egg cartons and Friday night Bingo in the dining room!

The rest of the weekend was anything but ordinary. We began our Saturday morning by stringing donuts from the ceiling and having a donut-eating contest! Kids and adults alike lined up by the donut of the appropriate height to try to be the first to–with hands behind the back–eat a donut off the string, swallow it, and sing the first line from “Old MacDonald”. To make things even more challenging for the adults, we had them whistle the tune instead! The donuts were pumpkin flavored for an extra autumn twist.

donut eating contest at east hill farm

Next, our guests washed down their donuts with some homemade apple cider! Spencer and Sara taught everyone how to grind and then press the apples into the delicious, harvest-time nectar. Lots of the kids got quite a workout spinning the wheel that turns the apple press!

apple cider press at east hill farm

In between cider making, families had tractor-drawn wagon rides through the property’s foliage. How beautiful the farm is in the fall!

tractor drawn wagon rides at east hill farm

Next on the agenda for this festive, fall weekend, was scarecrow making. We had a variety of scarecrow faces that ranged from friendly and neighborly to spooky and chilling.

scarecrow making at east hill farm

We ended the day with an evening campfire, where everyone roasted marshmallows and sat around the warmth of the campfire. The warm temperatures during the day, ending with cool evening temps, was a cheerful reminder of fall’s representation of change.

On Sunday, we started the morning with our annual pumpkin roll. Everyone, including the adults, took turns rolling pumpkins down the hill to try to get them in one of five baskets. When successful, they moved on to a pumpkin roll-off, where whoever got his/her pumpkin in the basket the highest number of times won a prize!


We ended the weekend with a splash–into a pile of leaves that is! The kids all had fun jumping into a big leaf pile next to the Hideaway. You could hear the leaves crunching and the kids laughing from the main lawn!

What is your favorite way to celebrate the harvest season?

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