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East Hill Farm Box: Winter Edition

The Farm Box: Winter Edition is here! This box is all about the warm and cozy! Packed with classic East Hill Farm activities, crafts, tastes and more. The Farm Box is designed to help you enjoy time indoors and outdoors this winter.

As part of our East Hill Farm at Home program, we are offering the second in a limited series of East Hill Farm Boxes. This winter edition box is filled with all things EHF so you can enjoy some of what you love and miss about the Farm right at home. The box that went out in December was very well received and lots of folks enjoyed the EHF swag and activities it included. The Winter Edition promises to be just as fun and we can’t wait to hear your reactions to it. You can share yours on social media by tagging us with #ehfarmbox and #easthillfarmathome

Warning: This post contains information about what is inside the box. If you want to be surprised, read no further!

The Cost:
Each box is $50.00 plus shipping by USPS Priority Mail. Payment will be made when placing order. Shipping charge will occur on shipment day.
Visit our Farm Box page for a detailed listing of the contents of the box.

The Details:
The first round of boxes was shipped in mid-January. For the February 10 shipment, place your order by February 7 by calling 603-242-6495. The office is open daily between 8:30am and 8:30pm.

Supplies are gathered and ready to be assembled into the Farm Boxes.
There are so many fun activities for you to do at home, including a variety of cozy crafts and outdoor activities, to keep you warm.
There is fun for the whole family packed into this small box.

We hope the Farm Box brings a little East Hill Farm fun to your home this winter!

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