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Earth Day

Today is a day to give the Earth a little extra love. East Hill Farm celebrates by striving to go green today and throughout every day of the year. Our staff continuously works to lead East Hill Farm down a greener path toward a better world for now and the future. Here are some ways the Farm focuses on the three Rs:

We use less water by installing low flow shower heads and low volume toilets in most guest rooms.
We landscape with native plants and perennials to minimize watering needs.
Animals are provided water by automatic waterers.
Staff and guests are requested to shut off lights and electronics when not in use.
When guest rooms are not occupied, thermostats are lowered and air conditioning is turned off.
We use rain collection barrels to reduce the amount of water used for plants.
We provide ceramic mugs for coffee and tea for guests to reduce the use of single use cups.
Biological Fly control program is in use to reduce flies in the barn area in a non-chemical way.
We use the renewable energy source of wood for our main boiler.

Non-meat food waste from dining room and kitchen is fed to our pigs or composted at the Farm.
Guests are encouraged to participate in our towel reuse program and the use of washable mugs instead of disposable cups.
Scrap paper generated in the office is reused or recycled.

The office participates in ink cartridge recycling.
A resort wide recycling program is in place for paper, cardboard, glass, tin, and plastic.
Kitchen waste oils are donated to The Alternative Fuel Foundation for use as biofuel.
We use products made from recycled materials whenever possible.

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

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