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Be a farmer for a week at East Hill Farm!

What’s it like to be a farmer? Just ask Aidan, an 11-year-old guest who has been coming to the East Hill Farm since he was a baby. Unlike many of our guests, Aidan spends all of his time on vacation working—spending time in the barn with our farmers and helping with whatever they need. He prefers to get an educational farming experience here as opposed to the recreation and relaxation we also offer.

guest farmer at East Hill Farm

Farmer Aidan

Coming from Milton, MA, which is a suburb of Boston, Aidan doesn’t often get to do farm chores. Yet he has a passion for the animals and farm life and hopes to work on a farm full time in the future. Our farmers are definitely giving him a head start by allowing him to help with their daily chores, even though he is only in 5th grade. Some of the chores he has helped with include: cleaning the horse stables, feeding and providing water for the bunnies, sweeping the barn, cleaning the chicken coop filters, and cleaning the goat pens. He has definitely earned his afternoon cookies while here! Aidan says that his favorite chores are feeding the animals and helping Farmer Perri bring the horses in each morning before trail rides. He also loves giving water to the horses, because he loves to interact with them even though goats are his favorite.


While doing jobs in the barn, Aidan has learned a lot about what it means to work on a farm. For example, he learned that we often use our cows’ and goats’ milk to feed all of our baby animals rather than just the calves and kids. He said the biggest thing he has learned, however, is that it is hard to be a farmer because they always have to be working and doing strenuous jobs. Even though it is a tough job, he believes there are lots of benefits as well. These benefits include that you can be around animals all day and get lots of exercise, according to Aidan. The only drawbacks are that you have to scoop the poo that just keeps coming. “It’s hard because it smells and you have to do it A LOT,” says Aidan.

sheep at East Hill Farm

Do Ewe want to be a farmer?

As the week has drawn to a close, Aidan says he has a new appreciation for our farmers. He said that they were very helpful and always willing to help him learn new things around the barn. We love our farmers too!

Blog post submitted by Nora Bisaccio

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  1. Bobbi on July 13, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    What a wonderful young man !!

    • Jennifer on July 13, 2015 at 7:31 pm

      Aidan is a terrific young man. We are lucky to have him as a guest at East Hill Farm!

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