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5 Top Activities to Accompany Your Farm Stay: Spring Edition

The winter months have been filled with chilly days and even colder nights, but the ground is thawed and the days are growing longer. Flowers and leaves are budding around East Hill Farm and there are lots of baby goats, lambs and calves frolicking in the barnyard. We will have several helping hands around the barn as our farm school programs become filled with eager students. At the farm, our recreation schedule is starting to include more outdoor activities.

bottle feeding the calf at east hill farm

Off the farm’s property, there are several different opportunities to explore our quaint, New England area. Here are our springtime favorite places to visit:

1. Morning Star Maple & Fieldstone Farm

Have a sweet tooth? Best in early spring, these sugar houses offer a unique selection of maple syrup products as well as a wealth of knowledge. As the days warm up, allowing sap to flow, and the nights cool down, stopping sap production, spring is the best time for farmers to make maple syrup. Stop by one of these locations and try the different syrups and syrup grades over your pancakes or French toast back at East Hill Farm.

maple syrup

2. Coll’s Garden Center and Florist

Interested in introducing some new plants into your garden this year? Try Coll’s Garden Center and Florist, where they offer gardening supplies and a unique selection of plants. Gardening not your thing? Check out their selection of beautiful floral bouquets or fun pet care products to bring home to your beloved family members.

coll's garden center and florist

3. The Summit Winery & Walpole Mountain View Winery

Love a good view and a good wine? Have both when you visit these wineries. One located in Westmoreland and the other in Walpole, New Hampshire, both locations offer tastings and a beautiful landscape. Whether you prefer red or white, light or full-bodied, you are sure to find an option you love.

The Summit Winery New Hampshire

4. Mariposa Museum

Are the bright spring colors inspiring your artistic side? Check out the Mariposa Museum, located in Peterborough, New Hampshire. This art museum offers a hands-on experience. Their tours have visual and audio aides to help visitors learn about each piece. Featuring artifacts from around the world, every visitor should be able to find a piece that celebrates his/her heritage.
mariposa museum peterborough nh

5. Monadnock Oil and Vinegar Company

Winter snacking have you craving something lighter for spring? It’s no secret that during the winter months it’s easier to eat heavier comfort foods. With springtime comes a new desire to eat lighter, healthier foods. What better way to dress those salads than with some homemade dressings or oil and vinegar? Monadnock Oil and Vinegar Company offers a large variety of unique flavors of their handcrafted oils and vinegars. The owners, Korey and Kim, also have a wealth of knowledge surrounding their products, the health benefits, and farming.

Monadnock Oil & Vinegar Co peterborough nh


What’s your favorite local excursion for spring?




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