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Workshops & Standards

Workshops & Standards

From Cow to Culture
Participate in the process of collecting milk and transforming it into either butter or cheese.
Butter: Investigate butter making principles and methods of production and participate in hand churning your own butter!
Cheese: Observe a few basic cheese making principles and then participate in making a soft cheese.
STANDARDS: Structures and Properties of Matter; Physical Change and Chemical Reaction

Fiber! From Sheep to Showcase
Participate in a sheep shearing demonstration followed by a lesson in fiber crafting where the students create a project comprised of wet felting and needle felting techniques. (This workshop may be fiber work without the shearing demonstration depending on the season.)
STANDARDS: Growth and Development; Human Impact; Structures and Properties of Matter

Cider Making
Fresh apple cider is a treasured fall treat that dates back to the 9th century. In this hands-on workshop, students will use an old-fashioned cider press to turn apples to cider. They will learn about how farms cultivate their apples and preserve the precious juice for uses such as vinegar and a yummy drink.

STANDARDS: Structures and Properties of Matter; Physical Change and Chemical Reaction

Mycology with the Mushroom Man
Identify, dissect and explore various types of mushrooms with our local mushroom man, David Wichland of Wichland Woods. Learn about the benefits of fungi in our natural environment and how you can bring them to your plate.
STANDARDS: Growth and Development and Reproduction; Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

Pond Ecology
Assess the health of our pond ecosystem by collecting pond organisms, making observations and identifying factors that affect the health of the water body. Brainstorm ways to keep this ecosystem healthy for the future of the farm and surrounding community.
STANDARDS: Human Impact; Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

An Hour with Flour: A Bread Making Class
Bread Making is a rich, multi-faceted learning activity that can be integrated into every area of learning. Students will read and follow a recipe, and learn wonderful new vocabulary words, like yeast, fermentation, and proofing. Following a recipe provides an opportunity to measure volumes, and to use mathematical operations. Students will make their own bread to bring home.
STANDARDS: Structures and Properties of Matter; Chemical Reaction

students at east hill farm school making bread

Standards from Next Generation Science Standards for Middle School