Workshops & Standards

Farm Sustainability
Join Farmer Dave in a discussion about the history of East Hill Farm and his vision for how to farm sustainably, from best animal care practices to land conservation to providing community services.
STANDARDS: Sustainability, Understanding Place, Historical Connections, Natural Resources

Forest Management
Learn about the importance of properly managing our forest both for protection of the environment and to produce maximum profitability. Engage with a woodland tour of proper forest management and demonstrate the principles discussed.
STANDARDS: Investigation, Understanding Place , Natural Resources, Technological Systems

Heritage Breeds
Investigate why certain breeds of domestic farm animals have experienced population decline and why it is important to preserve these breeds. Students will participate in discussions and explore the farm to visit the heritage breeds.
STANDARDS: Historical Connections, Analysis, Organisms

Maple Sugaring
Participate in the creation of pure maple syrup from the gathering of sap to the bottling and tasting of the finished product.*Seasonally available
STANDARDS: Arithmetic, Numbers and Operations, Roles and Responsibilities, Natural Resources, Understanding Place

EHF Conservation Practices
Explore the farm to learn how manure storage, roof gutters, a riparian buffer zone, the fencing of wetlands and our rare animal breeds contribute to the overall conservation of our farm.
STANDARDS: Sustainability, Understanding Place, Ask Meaningful Questions, Natural Resources

Sheep Care 101
Experience the addition of new lambs to our flock and learn about their birth and care, as well as how to harvest their wool and process the fibers. Recommended for January through April.
STANDARDS: Visual Arts, Natural Resources, Understanding Place, Sustainability

From Cow to Culture
Participate in the process of collecting milk and transforming it into either butter or cheese.
Butter: Investigate butter making principles and methods of production and participate in hand churning your own butter!
Cheese: Observe a few basic cheese making principles and then participate in making a soft cheese.
STANDARDS: Arithmetic, Numbers and Operations, Roles and Responsibilities, Technological Systems

Sheep to Sweater
Manipulate various forms of wool and learn how to shear, clean, card and spin the wool into a product that can then be made into a variety of products.
STANDARDS: Elements, Forms and Techniques in the Arts, Identity and Interdependence

Mycology with the Mushroom Man
Identify, dissect and explore various types of mushrooms with our local mushroom man, David Wichland of Wichland Woods. Learn about the benefits of fungi in our natural environment and how you can bring them to your plate.
STANDARDS: Investigation, Systems Analysis, Organisms, Evolution and Interdependence, Understanding Place

Pond Ecology
Assess the health of our pond ecosystem by collecting pond organisms, making observations and identifying factors that affect the health of the water body. Brainstorm ways to keep this ecosystem healthy for the future of the farm and surrounding community.
STANDARDS: Investigation, Systems Analysis, Organisms, Evolution and Interdependence, Understanding Place, Problem Solving Process