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A Year at Silver Lake

Many of our summer guests are familiar with our small property on Silver Lake in Harrisville. Located about 20 minutes away from the Inn, it is one of three Silver Lakes in New Hampshire. As its name implies, the lake is so clear you can see straight to the bottom, at least until you get out to about 12 feet deep or so. Silver Lake has an average depth of 45 feet with the deepest point being 95 feet!

East hill farm property at silver lake in the summer with dock

Each fall, the water is lowered from Silver Lake (and several NH lakes) in what is called a lake drawdown. Drawdowns are performed for several reasons that include, easing shoreline erosion, controlling aquatic weeds, reducing ice damage to the shoreline, alleviate flooding, and to help regulate water flow to optimize hydroelectric power production.

Silver Lake showing water drawdown in the winter

Winter on the lake is a quiet, peaceful time. Dedicated fishermen spend hours on the lake braving the elements or sitting in their bob-houses waiting for their fresh winter catch.

silver lake in the winter with snow covered lake with an ice fishing bob house



snow covered silver lake with view from east hill farm property

While the Inn’s cabin on the lake is vacant of humans during the winter months, signs of animal life are all around.

animal tracks in the snow at east hill farm's property on silver lake

bald eagle soaring in a blue sky over east hill farm's property at silver lake

animal tracks in the sand on the beach at east hill farm's property at silver lake

As spring awakens and the ice melts, the rains come to fill the lake. The Common Loons return to build their nest on the water’s edge, and a chick or two will hatch shortly thereafter.

east hill farm prpperty at silver lake in the summer showing lake, dock and beach

Summer guest may have seen the pair of loons and their chicks while swimming in the clear, refreshing water, fishing off the dock, boating around the lake, or even water skiing behind the power boat.

Yound girl waterskiing at east hill farm's property at silver lake

A quick estimate tells us that over the last 30 years, approximately 7,300 people have tried to water ski with us at Silver Lake!

beautiful pink and blue sky sunset at east hill farm's property at silver lake

With fresh, clean air, sunshine, and the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore, Silver Lake is a beautiful spot to sit, relax, and calm the mind.  “Will you be joining us at the lake this summer?”

Submitted by Holly; EHF’s extraordinary water skiing instructor!


  1. Christine Findlay on July 8, 2020 at 6:51 am

    Beautiful.. i would love to watch a sunset 🌅 there.

    • Jennifer on July 8, 2020 at 8:39 am

      It is a beautiful spot to watch the sun set. Ahhhhh……

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