Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding at East Hill FarmPerri and Beny horseback riding at East Hill Farm

The East Hill Farm riding program offers a variety of riding experiences to appeal to the different abilities and interests of our guests.

Pony Rides will be offered in the summer on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Jr. Wrangler Lessons are offered for children ages 5 and up. The lessons take place in our outdoor arena. Some children may need a member of our equestrian staff to lead the horse in order to feel more comfortable.

Western Trail Rides are available for ages 10 and up. Guests ages 8 and 9 can participate in a trail ride under the following conditions. Child must take at least one junior wrangler lesson and demonstrate his/her ability and skill to control a horse or pony on a trail ride situation.

Horsemanship Lessons are offered in the summer on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 7:15 and 7:45. During these lessons, students are assigned their own horse to work with and will be instructed in how to properly groom and care for their horse as well as learn horse-to-rider bonding techniques. An adult must sign the student up and accompany children ages 6 and under.

Horse Trials are offered in the summer on Thursday mornings at 9:30. All riders in the Trials must have completed at least one lesson or trail ride by Wednesday afternoon. This is a playful event where riders get to show off their skills during fun and challenging activities.

East Hill Farm Equestrian Drill Team Demonstration will occur on Wednesday mornings at 11:30 throughout the summer.

Horsemanship Day Camp is our newest riding program for local children. Visit Horsemanship Day Camp Flyer 2016 for more information on this fun and educational camp!

Horse Trials at East Hill Farm

Our picturesque trails pass through wooded areas, across open fields and offer an occasional view of Mount Monadnock. Our stable has horses to match most guest’s size and riding ability. All rides are accompanied by friendly, experienced trail guides. All riders are required to wear a safety helmet and sign a release form.

Trail Rides and Jr Wrangler Lessons are offered year round as the ground and weather conditions permit. Insurance regulations require that each riding participant is present at sign up, so that they can be interviewed/assessed by the equestrian staff. All sign ups occur in the horse barn. Riding availability is on a first come, first served basis. We hope to see you at the stable enjoying our riding program.

Please Note: The horses will not ride on Fridays from June 24 through September 2 to give them a well deserved day off!

Riding Rates

House Guests:
Pony Rides: $5.00
Jr. Wrangler Lesson (30 minutes): $30.00
Private Jr. Wrangler Lesson (30 minutes): $45.00
Trail Ride (45 minutes): $45.00
Private Trail Ride (45 minutes): $60.00
Horsemanship Lessons (20 minutes): $15.00
Horse Trials $7.00 per event

Non-House Guests:
Pony Rides: $5.00
Jr. Wrangler Lesson (30 minutes): $40.00
Trail Ride (45 minutes): $55.00

Happy Trails!